Site Management

Empowering Successful Clinical Trials through Crucial Site Management

Effective site management, undertaken by the Sponsor and/or CRO, constitutes a critical cornerstone of successful clinical trial execution. A well-calibrated approach to site management and oversight empowers trial sites to excel in subject recruitment, treatment, and retention, all while maintaining meticulous adherence to regulatory requirements, protocol guidelines, subject rights protection, and ensuring overall subject safety. This comprehensive management approach ensures efficient handling of both screened and enrolled subjects throughout the trial.

Our site management services enter into contractual partnerships with trial sites, including hospitals and medical institutions, offering invaluable support in managing complex trial tasks. By aligning with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, our services enable uninterrupted and seamless trial operations, ensuring trials are conducted efficiently and with utmost adherence to the highest standards.

Traditionally, site management activities rely on the capabilities of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs). However, for intricate studies, we go a step further by extending our site management services through a specialized Site Management Organization (SMO). This collaborative approach involves working closely with medical institutions, hospitals, and Principal Investigators to elevate site performance significantly. By leveraging input from both CRAs and the SMO, we ensure robust patient recruitment and retention, maximizing the efficiency of clinical trial timelines and resources.

Effectively managing a clinical trial site is paramount to ensuring the successful execution of the study. Beyond mere site monitoring, site management involves fostering a robust and collaborative partnership with the site through continuous and open communication.

Experience a comprehensive array of site management organization services, designed to ensure the triumph of your clinical trials.

Our dedicated study coordinator collaborates with the site (hospital or medical institution) and Principal Investigators, offering vital assistance in ethics committee submissions, patient recruitment, and follow-up.

The assigned study coordinator provides valuable support in creating project-specific working documents streamlining processes for seamless execution.
We expertly establish the clinical trial process, tailored to meet the unique demands of your project.
SafeVig empowering the sites to achieve overall project deliverables from their perspective, our support drives successful outcomes.
We also ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to the clinical study protocol.
The assigned study co-ordinator is responsible for Trial Master File (TMF) creation and maintenance.