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Step into our Hosting Haven: Your Trusted Destination for Reliable and Secure Safety Database Hosting and Support

Discover the peace of mind that comes with our premium safety database hosting service. We take pride in offering top-of-the-line infrastructure and unwavering support to guarantee zero downtime for your critical data. No matter the size or nature of your business, our customizable plans are designed to cater to your unique needs and budget, providing a seamless hosting experience that you can rely on.

Tailored Safety Database Hosting: Flexibility and Efficiency in One Package

Embrace the freedom of customization with our safety database hosting solutions, available in both single tenant and multi-tenant systems. Pay precisely for what you use and align your investment with your specific requirements.

Experience accelerated, informed safety decisions with our advanced scientific querying and analytics capabilities. Witness improved quality and efficiency through seamless safety integration and automation. Our platform is designed to be integrated, highly scalable, and capable of modeling virtually any business process.

Rest easy knowing that compliance is prioritized with our adherence to E2B (R3) and GDPR standards. Facilitate global case processing with ease, all supported by a single global database, including Japan. Gain invaluable visibility into reporting metrics and ensure compliance at every step.

With a common code base and regular release schedule, our solution supports worldwide operations, empowering your organization with a robust and efficient safety database hosting service.

Hosting & Support Features

Safety Database Hosting Overview

Compliant with global safety requirements

Single Tenant

Individualized Architecture: Tailored Solutions for Each Company
Imagine a neighborhood community where every company enjoys the freedom of their own instance of the software application and supporting infrastructure. Just like households customize their properties to suit their preferences, with a single hosted instance, each purchaser gains the flexibility to tweak and personalize the software to perfectly align with their unique requirements.
While this level of individualization ensures a seamless fit for each organization, it’s essential to acknowledge that such tailored solutions may entail a higher initial cost associated with implementation and configuration. However, this investment guarantees that your company receives precisely what it needs to thrive in the digital landscape.

Unlocking the Advantages of a Single-Tenant System:

Multi-tenant Systems

Shared Infrastructure, Individualized Spaces: Multi-Tenant Architecture.
Unveiled Imagine a high-rise building where multiple companies coexist, sharing the same instance while maintaining absolute data segregation in their individual databases. This secure partitioning ensures that each tenant’s data remains completely private, akin to personalized units within the building.
Our multi-tenant architecture offers the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and customization. While the overall infrastructure is shared, allowing for reduced expenses in implementation and configuration, each company enjoys the flexibility to make minor adjustments to their individual spaces, ensuring they can tailor the environment to their specific needs. This harmonious coexistence allows businesses to thrive within a collaborative digital ecosystem.

Unlocking the Benefits of Multi-Tenant Systems:

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