Medical Affairs

SafeVig's exceptional medical affairs team offers clients strategic solutions bolstered by our cutting-edge medical liaison programs

Within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies; Medical Affairs serves as a strategic cornerstone dedicated to the scientific and medical facets of the organization. Moreover, it is a vital bridge, connecting the company with esteemed healthcare professionals, regulators, and the wider medical community.

Undoubtedly, Medical Affairs plays a pivotal role in safeguarding pharmaceutical and medical products responsible and ethical utilization. Furthermore, they offer invaluable medical expertise, scientific assistance, and educational resources to internal and external stakeholders, significantly contributing to patient well-being and ensuring safety.

Our Core Services

Medical Strategy

At SafeVig, our highly experienced medical team is equipped to provide comprehensive support for your clinical development and market access strategy. With a wealth of expertise spanning from clinical trial programs to creating global value dossiers, we are well-positioned to assist you in achieving your goals.

Advisory Board

At SafeVig, our adept medical team excels in facilitating advisory boards, whether they are conducted in person or virtually. We go above and beyond to ensure you receive invaluable, actionable insights while providing exceptional management of key opinion leaders through our meticulous and attentive approach.

RWE Research

Medical compliance pertains to the level of adherence patients exhibit towards their prescribed treatment plans or medical advice healthcare professionals give. Leveraging the expertise of our esteemed medical affairs team, SafeVig excels in tailoring our extensive global experience to meet the unique requirements of our clients through a remarkably adaptable and modular service model.


Medical compliance refers to the extent to which patients follow the rescribed treatment plan or medical recommendations provided by healthcare professionals. The medical affairs expertise of the SafeVig team allows us to tailor our best global experience to our client’s needs in a highly flexible and modular service model.

Data-driven, industry intelligence services

At SafeVig, we can gather invaluable insights and intelligence to benefit your business. With access to a wealth of real-world claims, and prescription data, we can assist you in making informed and strategic business management decisions. Moreover, our expertise allows us to effectively profile and identify the most suitable key opinion leaders for your needs.

Medical Information

Our proficient team is dedicated to delivering round-the-clock medical information services available in multiple languages. At SafeVig, we seamlessly integrate our robust medical information capabilities with our safety reporting services. Additionally, we excel in preparing frequently asked questions (FAQs) and standard response letters to meet your specific needs.

Medical Content Development

Effective communication of the intricacies behind your products relies on essential medical-to-medical communication tools. At SafeVig, our team of accomplished physicians and pharmacists excels in delivering a comprehensive array of services to develop top-notch medical content. From crafting impactful slide decks to manuscript writing and meticulous reference checking, we have the expertise to support your communication needs with utmost precision.

Medical Education

We can assist you in developing and conducting your medical education programs tailored to reach many stakeholders. We have high experience providing medical education in person and through virtual demos.

Latest Technological Innovations

Enhancing patient adherence programs, SafeVig provides a range of innovative digital solutions to offer comprehensive support.

Introducing SafeVig, a formidable team of experienced pharmaceutical experts dedicated to delivering customized and efficient clinical safety, pharmacovigilance, and medical affairs processes. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and up-to-date insights, we lead the way in developing customer-centric solutions that blend agile, human-driven intelligence with the power of big data. With our undeviating commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations and drive positive client outcomes.

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