Clinical Monitoring

SafeVig Has An Exceptional Risk Based Clinical Trial Monitoring Record, Which Ensures Scientific Excellence And Data Integrity Across All Sites

Clinical monitoring is an essential component of clinical research. It involves overseeing and evaluating a clinical trial to ensure participant safety, data integrity, and adherence to the study protocol. The primary purpose of clinical monitoring is to verify that the rights and well-being of study participants are protected and that the data collected is accurate, complete, and reliable.

SafeVig’s clinical monitoring solutions integrate technology, data, analytics, and expert knowledge to create flexible, customized solutions that can reduce the cost of trial.

Our dedicated CRAs and CMAs monitor research all across the world. Each CRA concentrates on a single therapy area, so they are intimately familiar with the patients, research sites, and specific issues. In addition, our innovative Global Clinical Operations Management (GCOM) and Central Monitoring groups support them.

SafeVig offers an experienced team of regionally based monitors, all top-in-class in various therapeutic areas which includes Oncology, Cardiology etc and has vast monitoring experience. Our global clinical research associates (CRAs) focus on developing strong site relationships while ensuring adherence to data quality, subject safety, and early issue resolution throughout the trial. Comprehensive monitoring plans are crafted to address trial complexity and sponsor requirements and often combine traditional monitoring visits with robust site management and remote monitoring tactics.

Our Clinical Monitoring group takes a hands-on partnering approach, focusing on collaboration among assigned CRAs, investigation sites, line managers, and customers. Our dedication to success begins with the initial conversation, through site evaluation and qualification to study close-out.

Clinical Trial Monitoring Activities Include

Full Service Monitor Visits

Rapid Query Resolution

Site Training And Support

Drug Accountability

Quality Review Of Monitor Reports

A Thorough Review Of Site Records

Timely Completion Of Visit Reports

Periodic Remote EDC Review

Site Training And Support

Site Management Support And Documentation

Source Document Verification As Per Monitor Plans

Comprehensive Monitor Plans


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