At SafeVig, Our Expert Biostatisticians Help Outline The Study Endpoints, Sample Size Calculation, And Hypothesis Of Testing Procedures

Why is biostatistics necessary for clinical trials? Biostatistics helps collect, analyze, and present the data like any other statistical tool. In the realm of clinical trials, biostatistics serves as a key driver in making critical decisions about various aspects, including but not limited to drug safety assessments, population density analysis, and determining the appropriate type of treatment required. Using advanced statistical methodologies, biostatistics is vital in guiding informed decision-making throughout the clinical trial process.

At SafeVig, our exceptional team of biostatisticians and statistical programmers delivers top-notch, rapid, and reproducible analysis and reporting of clinical trial results across diverse therapeutic areas. We prioritize providing high-quality biostatistical services, ensuring that our statisticians and statistical programmers undergo continuous and comprehensive training to stay at the forefront of their field. This commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that our team remains equipped with the latest methodologies and best practices, enabling us to deliver exceptional results consistently.

Furthermore, our statisticians and programmers foster close collaboration with clients, working hand in hand to ensure that the contents of all statistical packages align precisely with the requirements of both the clients and regulatory agencies. We recognize the significance of well-established and diligently implemented biostatistical concepts in maintaining the consistency and accuracy of data throughout clinical trials. By upholding these principles, we guarantee that the statistical aspects of the study are robust, reliable, and in full compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Our accomplished team of biostatisticians plays a pivotal role in developing study endpoints, sample size calculations, interim analysis planning, and testing hypotheses. Through collaborative biostatistical programs, we work closely with our clients to achieve mutual success. Renowned for our industry-leading expertise, we prioritize generating high-quality data analysis results. To cater to the unique needs of our customers, we offer flexible working options that align with their requirements. By providing a secure analytics infrastructure and a scalable platform for clinical analysis and submission, we empower our clients with the necessary tools for success. Leveraging our expertise in SAS programming, we provide a competitive advantage to the industry, enabling us to revamp trial designs and deliver cutting-edge solutions for data transparency. This technology enhances clinical trial test results’ scalability, visualization, and quality, quickly detecting potential issues.

Our top services include

Statistical Input In Protocol

Input In CRF And e-CRF Design

Sample Size Calculation

Preparation Of Statistical Tables, Graphs, And Listings

Determination Of Primary And Secondary Endpoints

Preparation Of Statistical Analysis Plan

Statistical and SAS Programming

Preparation Of Randomization Plan

Preparation Of Statistical Reports

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